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Quality Assurance Laboratory

  • Situated in the ground floor of Head Office.
  • Perform work under Manager - Quality Assurance Laboratory who reports to the Divisional Head, Deputy General Manager - Technical, Lab & Production.
  • Laboratory has approved carder of five analyst (Assistant Managers) and five Quality Control Assistants.
  • SPC Laboratory perform tests for Government sector (DHS) and SPC private sector.
  • Lab perform testing of samples belong to following categories.
    • - Tender samples
    • - Pre -shipment samples
    • - Pre - market samples
    • - Post market samples
    • - Complaint samples
    • - Private Sector samples
  • Testing are done according to the current versions of BP, USP, IP or Supplier's in house specifications.
  • Lab has state-of the-Art equipment like HPLC's, GC, Spectrophotometers, Karl fisher Titrator, Potentiometers, Dissolution testers etc.
  • After testing, certificates are issued on routine basis by the laboratory for Tender samples & pre- shipment samples.
  • Finding of other testings (pre - market, post market & complaint samples), will be informed to the higher management, if any failure/ non conformity is found.

    All quality failure findings of these samples are forwarded by Manager - QAL to the “Quality Failure Meeting” which is participated by a “Committee” comprised of following members
    • - Chairman
    • - Managing Director
    • - General Manager
    • - Deputy General Manager - Technical, Lab & Production
    • - Deputy General Manager - Marketing
    • - Deputy General Manager - Finance
    This committee discuss the failures & take the final decisions on quality failed products.