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State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka

To become the Prime Partner in developing a Healthier Nation. Our
To be the leading healthcare organization serving the general public of Sri Lanka by Providing safe, effective and high-quality medical products and health services at affordable prices, while promoting the usage of generic drugs.

The State Pharmaceuticals Corporation was established in 1971 under the State Industrial Corporations Act Number 49 of 1957. This far-sighted decision was the result of the report submitted by Prof. Senaka Bible and Dr.S.A. Wickramasinghe report (March 1971) based on an assignment given to them by the then Prime Minister, Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike.

Prof. Senaka BibleGoing by the vision of its founding father Professor Senaka Bibile, the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation (SPC) has at all times striven to provide quality assured drugs at prices that are reasonable in the market. For the past 40 years SPC has been the sole supplier of pharmaceuticals, surgical consumable Items, laboratory chemicals and equipment to all institutions administered by the health ministry.

Our first chairman created a great philosophy and great culture to our organization as well as to the whole Sri Lanka to follow the "Senaka Bibile Drug Policy" regarding the pharmaceuticals. He started using generic names for pharmaceuticals and instructed the suppliers to use generic names in labeling. He has specifically mentioned that when the pharmaceuticals Corporation purchases drugs on tender basis, it is important to ensure the quality of drugs purchased. He suggested that in an ideal situation, the Corporation would it self inspect factories of suppliers and purchased only from those who follow good manufacturing practices. These management practices are still followed by the Corporation.

It has operated up to now as a profitable venture with the largest market share in the industry supplying pharmaceuticals to the nation.

SPC's national role is to serve Sri Lanka by providing safe, efficacious and high quality medicinal products and health services at affordable prices, while promoting the usage of generic drugs. It's vision therefore is to be the leading health care organization of the nation.

Corporate Values of SPC,

  • Services to the people is foremost.
  • Best Quality products.
  • Integrity never to be compromised.
  • Reliable partner and effective team player
  • Passion for performance excellence
  • Innovation

Business Structure.

  • Importing and Trading of Pharmaceuticals and health care items.
  • Supplying of Pharmaceuticals and health care items to the Department of Health services. (DHS).
  • Manufacturing some pharmaceuticals and health care items.
    Eg. Jevanee, Glucose.